Asset Protection

19 million new lawsuits are filed in the United States every year and this trend has been growing over the past several decades.

Statistically there are some professions which are subject to a higher number of lawsuits. This is especially true if you happen to be a business owner, doctor, lawyer, or real estate landlord.

Sad but true; we have a highly litigious society. Hard-earned assets can be taken away from you and your family.

Despite many cases of these cases being frivolous and settled out of court, a great deal of mental and financial anguish can ensue.

People who have been divorced or carry a large amount of debt are also extremely vulnerable to lawsuits.

We work with a a panel of attorneys who are experts at helping to protect their client’s assets against potential litigation, judgments, liens and fraud.

Their expertise includes assisting clients in arranging their finances, real property and assets in a manner that minimizes any potential litigation exposure.

We carefully analyze your insurance needs, create estate plans and organize your investments and business entities so that you are able to enjoy and practice your profession with minimal interruption.

Assets owned by a properly structured trust, foundation or other entity are generally not subject to claims and also provide the additional benefits of removing those assets from the taxable estate.

Such techniques may include dynasty trusts, limited partnerships, children’s trusts, and domestic and offshore trusts established in debtor-friendly states such as Delaware and Alaska or other offshore jurisdictions.

There is no set method as each situation has its own unique. We are there to be an important source of guidance in these sensitive matters.

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