Girl Rising

We recently attended a Gala reception in Washington DC to support Girl Rising . Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education. They use the power of storytelling to paint a picture as to how educating girls can not only transform personal lives but also societies. This foundation unites girls, women, boys and men …

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Martha’s Table

I recently had the privilege to serve as a volunteer for Martha’s table. Martha’s Table began in 1979 with the intent of creating a place for children to receive free food after school. However due to a strong response to the needs of the community, services were eventually expanded to find short and long-term solutions …

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Fashion Fights Poverty

Great fashion show! Nice time at the Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) event. FFP has a mission to raise awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging poverty. They want to leverage fashion, textiles, and design world to offer creative ways for designers, craftsmen and consumers alike to contribute to …

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Ohio State Alumni

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