Wealth Management Strategies for Celebrities and High-Net-Worth Individuals

Celebrity brings with it a number of positives, as well as a great deal of responsibility – along with sometimes ridiculous demands from others – many of whom are strangers. Beyond the seemingly endless appeals for time and attention that celebrity and high-net-worth status can include, our culture also makes a number of fiduciary demands on those we elevate to such exalted status.

Holistic Wealth Management

It’s no secret that fame and wealth can lead to the impression that your life no longer belongs to you, and that living in the public eye often includes giving up parts of yourself. For some people in your life, a list that may include friends, family, and strangers, even your investable assets can become community property; allowing them to take advantage of you in areas where you may have little experience or where you might be somewhat naïve. The list of charlatans that come out of the woodwork presenting themselves as “financial advisors” or “wealth management experts” can be overwhelming, while the losses you may see from trusting these unscrupulous people can be devastating.

A characteristic of today’s celebrity culture is that the public, instead of seeking virtue or talent in those they elevate to celebrity status, often idolize those who are the most willing to break ethical boundaries, cut corners, or elevate themselves through any means necessary. In other words, infamy has replaced fame. This makes the 21st Century celebrity a viable target for scams and cons. After all, in the public’s mind, since you did nothing of real value to earn your status, acquiring your wealth becomes a realistic goal for their ambition.

At Executive Wealth Group, our holistic wealth management program is particularly beneficial to the famous and extremely wealthy. Because we focus first on you – learning your values, while understanding your motivations and aspirations – we are able to protect you from unethical influences, develop a comfortable long-term relationship, and build trust that your needs come first.

Holistic Wealth Management Serves:

  • Professional Athletes
  • Actors and Musicians
  • Retirees
  • Producers and Directors
  • Health Care Professionals
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs
  • Politicos and Influencers

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