Insurance Strategies

Life’s circumstances can change in an instant. The right insurance strategies can help you prepare.

Not many people enjoy the process of applying for insurance or writing premium checks.

Insurance can perform many roles. It can replace lost family income, reduce estate taxes, and provide for business continuity. Your unique situation will determine what type of plan makes sense.

Protecting You, Your Family and Your Wealth

As independent advisors, we have no sales managers or pressure to sell a certain policy. We are able to utilize many carriers and match our clients with the company and approach that meets their needs. We strive to recommend the right insurance solutions while considering cost effectiveness and tax efficiency.

We have developed an insurance strategy review that checks for redundant and unnecessary coverage.

Choosing insurance can be tricky because the type of insurance coverage you need depends on your personal situation. There are many factors to consider, such as whether you have children to protect, a long-term financial obligation, such as a mortgage, potential future estate taxes, or are starting your own business.
Appropriate insurance strategies can help protect against these risks. We can help you sort through the issues and make an informed decision, so you get the protection you need to guard against life’s uncertainties.

Our team will help guide you to the right insurance strategies for your personal life and for your business protection. Since we work with a number of carriers, you also have the opportunity to compare features which gives you the potential for better value and more complete coverage.

We consider the tax efficiency and cost effectiveness of your coverage, and as independent advisors, we offer objective solutions.

Are you a risk-taker or a prudent investor?
How much risk is built into your current portfolio?
How much risk should you have to endure to reach your investment goals?

Riskalyze offers you the ability to determine your own risk tolerance – and determine matching investments – with objective, qualitative measurements. No more “going with your gut”. No more “betting on a hunch”. No more “following the crowd”. Instead, we will be able to customize your investment portfolio based on your individual risk tolerance score, with an investment strategy that scrupulously matches your preferred risk tolerance level.

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