Holistic Wealth Management and Retirement Planning

Whether you’re about to retire or you’ve already crossed that threshold, congratulations – you’ve earned it. Much in the same way that you earned every dollar you’ve ever received through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, you’re finally in a position to live life in the way that you’ve always wanted to – the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

It would be a shame for something as silly as lack of preparation to snatch all of that away from you now; and yet, that is exactly what happens to countless retirees each year – even the wealthy ones.

Make Your Savings Work for You

Many people retire with the assumption that they should be living off of the money they’ve been carefully building in retirement accounts for the last several decades. Not only is this completely false, but it’s also a tried-but-true recipe for disaster. Why? Because that is a reservoir that will eventually run dry.

Instead, think of your retirement account as something that you need to position as an income stream unto itself. You should be putting your money to work for you, to help make sure that you still have money coming in well after you’ve left your job for the last time.

Executive Wealth Group

Executive Wealth Group is an industry leading FINRA Registered Investment Advisory firm, also commonly referred to as an RIA. Our business model was designed from the ground up to allow us to act as a truly independent entity.  We’re concerned with one thing and one thing only: allowing you to build, grow, and maintain your wealth over time, focusing on three areas of wealth management that are of unique yet critical importance to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs:

  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement Planning

Executive Health Group

Getting treatment for any medical issues that you’re experiencing is important, but it’s only half the battle. Preventative treatment is just as important, as it helps tackle small issues before they become much bigger and more expensive ones down the road. Executive Health Group can act as the perfect complement to your existing health plan, making sure that you always have the care that you need when you need it the most.

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